NADA Philippines Goes to Sagada, Mountain Province

On May 2014, a team of NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists went up north to Sagada for an R&R-slash-medical mission lasting for two days.

The team was composed of twelve ADSes, eleven from Metro Manila (Ela Ibasco, Jo Quitoriano, Sinag Cuasay, Chie Castillo, Rey Reyes, Trisha Sanijon, Mona Wantin, Charrie Tan, Evita Monta, JJ Posadas and Janet Paredes) and one from Benguet (Dr. Vicky Ducat).  The two-day mission was held at the fourth floor of the Municipal Hall, and was made possible through the efforts of Atty. Inglay Fokno, Dra. Evelyn Capuyan and the local government unit (LGU) headed by Mayor Eduardo T. Latawan and Vice-Mayor Benjamin G. Capuyan.

The mission was set to start at 8:30AM on May 2 (Friday) but upon arriving at the site, a lot of people were already waiting. The locals helping out at the registration informed us that most of the people arrived around 7:30AM since their day starts early. Many of them still came from far off but they took the time off from their daily work to come up and try ear acupuncture.

On the first day, the ADSes were able to treat 112 patients, from 8:30AM to 3:00PM, with the majority of them coming in the morning. The usual complaints that the patients reported were body pains and hypertension. Unlike in previous missions, we found that the people were generally open in receiving treatment, even when some of them didn’t have an idea of what was going on. Some, upon being asked if they knew what this was, confessed that they didn’t know and that they just followed other people who came up. When the procedure was explained to them, they took to it, even when some admitted to being afraid of needles.

Some of the patients were elderly, and three or four came in barefoot. The language barrier didn’t pose much of a problem, partly through the help of one ADS from Benguet, and partly because the people who understood Filipino were willing to translate the questions and instructions to those who didn’t understand.

At the end of the first day, as the ADSes were giving their feedback, the general consensus was that the first day was light and productive, in the sense that the ADSes didn’t feel exhausted, that it didn’t feel like we had treated 112 patients. The team was also pleased with how cooperative and receptive the people were to the treatment.

The number of people who came on the second day (May 3 Saturday) increased to 137, some of whom said they came because they were informed of the mission by their neighbors, friends and family members. The patients who returned for their second treatment reported that they felt relaxed and had better sleep the night before. Those who have complained of body pains also reported relief, those who had felt numbness in their extremities said they were regaining sensations and those who had problems with their hearing also said there was an improvement (i.e. the buzzing sound has ceased, they can hear better).

The response from the patients was positive and many inquired about where to get further treatments.

During the giving of feedbacks at the end of the second day, the ADSes reported feeling happy and grateful with how the mission went, with the way the people were willing and accepting of the NADA protocol.

A positive outcome of the medical mission was the meeting of the midwives for a possible joint training in Baguio City, targeting 10 participants from Tuba, Benguet and 10 midwives/health workers from Sagada.

In the two-day medical mission (May 2-3) held in Sagada, the NADA team was able to hold a total of 246 treatments, with a total of 188 patients (130 single treatments, and 58 two-day treatment).

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