NADA Philippines builds bridges with Infanta

Infanta, Quezon – NADA Philippines representatives conducted a training and community outreach at Infanta, Quezon in partnership with Infanta Mayor Filipina Grace R. America and Fr. Ariel Loterte, the parish priest of St. Mark’s Church. This activity, which was held from August 19 to 22, 2016, was part of the local government’s response to rehabilitate substance users who surrendered themselves for monitoring. It was made possible through the coordination of Quezon ADSes, Leticia A. Odoño and Euleny Lopez-Dee.

A 15-person response team was deployed to handle the activity. The team comprised of ADSes coming from the Cordillera, Cavite, volunteer mothers from Culiat, and other areas of Metro Manila, and three documenters. Four NADA trainers facilitated the training of seven community members coming from different local government offices. The rest of the team simultaneously provided ear acupuncture treatments to substance users, elderly, children, local government officials, church members, and other members of the community. Hearing the activity from the mobilization of government representatives, locals from nearby towns such as Real, Dinahican, and General Nacar also attended the activity for treatment. On the last day, patients were already treated by the trainees from Infanta assisted by NADA representatives.

Substance users who were treated reported of profuse sweating, good sleep, relief from bodily aches and pains, and having a sense of connection with other people among others. After their first treatment, they returned for their succeeding sessions with neighbors and their relatives. In addition, they also experienced renewed focus and readiness for work.

At the end of the activity, the seven trainees from Infanta Quezon were certified as Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists and a total of 361 treatments were given. It also became an avenue for ADSes from various settings to learn from the Infanta experience and to share experiences with other members of the team.

As the very first activity done outside Metro Manila in response to the national drug crisis, NADA Philippines takes this activity as a milestone and a model for future partnerships.


ADS Volunteers:

Ace Lennon Babasa
Frances Bernardino
Luzviminda “Chie” Castillo
Cristina Magno
Josefina Miranda
Janet Paredes
John Joseph Posadas
Trisha Sanijon

Brgy. Culiat, Tandang Sora

Jessica Micabalo
Lorena General


Victor Dacpano
Elina Ramo
George Facsoy


Euleny Lopez-Dee
Letty Odoño


-Article written by John Joseph B. Posadas.

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